Privacy Policy

Updated January 14, 2020

Privacy Policy

Any questions or concerns about the content of this website, images, or anything else related please contact [email protected]

Information collected: 

Be advised that your personal information is protected when signing up for the CALM EATS newsletter. Your information is not shared, distributed or used for any other purpose. 

How is your information collected and used? 

Personal Information: We use MailChimp as a third party email service. MailChimp collects and stores your name and email address which we may use to provide you with updates and marketing campaigns. Please review their privacy policy here.

Information Collected: We automatically collect the time, date, IP addresses as well as device used when accessing Calm Eats. We also collect the pages visited as well as the source by which you’ve arrived such as google or social media platforms.

Cookies: Small data files called cookies may be stored on your computer temporarily while using Calm Eats or long term until you decide to delete your cookies.  

Comment policy: 

CALM EATS reserves the right to remove any hurtful or disrespectful comments that don’t contribute to the conversation or content. 

  • Comments: Please be advised that any comments made on the CALM EATS website are visible to the public. 
  • Social media: Please be advised that any comments or likes on FaceBook, Instagram or Twitter are visible to the public. 

Links: Are acceptable in the comment section as long as they are relevant and are not for promotional purposes. CALM EATS will delete any such links and the commenter may be blocked from future posting. 

SPAM: No SPAM of any kind is permitted on CALM EATS. If such content is detected, it will be removed and the IP address will be blocked from future access. 


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